in my bag

A few goods that are always found in my Stella McCartney: ear buds, keys, Chloe shades, iphone, Giorgio Armani sheer lipstick in 35, spearmint gum, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino lotion, Gucci wallet, Nars lipgloss in hot pink (angelika) and red (misbehave), Nars multiple in angelika, trusty wooden comb from our hotel in Paris, handy leather mirror, Yves Saint Laurent touche eclat in 1, and cherry chapstick. 

I have a very loyal relationship with pink and red lipsticks and gloss, and I never know which shade of either I'm going to be in the mood to don, so one of each is always found in the pocket of my bag.  In the summer I adore sheer lipstick like this Armani one.  A Nars multiple is almost always more effective to keep in a bag rather than a cabinet.  It's best to throw on when you're out, because it can be quickly swiped on the eyes, cheeks, lips, or wherever else you please on the body, whenever need be.  Touche Eclat has always been one of the must haves of makeup, and the godly pen is also great to dab on in the middle of the day.  Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino is such a beautiful scent and even more wonderful as a hand lotion.  It was meant to embody the breeze, clear water, and flowers of the Italian Riviera, which is the ultimate scent for summer.  I always prefer a wallet that is big enough to be carried on its own on the days I don't feel like lugging around a purse.  The size, texture, and added charm (literally) of the Gucci wallet makes that easy to accomplish.  Most importantly, everyone should always channel Katy Perry with cherry chapstick!


Tis the season

For bandeau bikinis, high waisted short shorts, florals, coconut oil, hot pink lipstick and coordinated nails, sunnies, sangria, and ample reading material.