three(+) ways to wear it: the concert tee

Who says Lil' Wayne can't be chic? I went to his concert two weeks ago and I'm not ashamed to say it was one of the best nights of my life, not only because he wore leopard pants.  I ended up leaving with this awesome guitar action-shot crew neck shirt. I vowed that I am not limiting this gem to sleepwear or gym wear. If Givenchy can make a graphic tee of an angry Rottweiler fashionable, why can't I do the same to an equally unique, equally enthusiastic and graphic tee of the weezy f baby (and it didn't cost $265)? That's what I thought. THREE WAYS TO WEAR IT:

1) Think you can't wear this $35 cotton baby out? Throw on the top and layer a bandage skirt and blazer on top.  Heavy neckwear isn't really necessary with this kind of shirt because it distracts from the beautiful print, and you don't want that. If the weather permits, put on opaque tights and these chunky wooden clogs. The studs in the shoes compliment the stud on the shit.
Black blazer exclusive to Intermix, skirt by Pleasure Doing Business, tights by Hue, clogs from Paris. 

2) Wanna hang low in the shirt? Wear a pair of basic shorts and add a belted denim button up with a pair of awesome sneakers. Mine are distressed charcoal suede hi-tops by Ash and feature a side zip and ample buckles. 
Denim shirt by Winkt, mom's belt (vintage, if you will), sneakers by Ash. 

3) This look is great for a show or just hanging out at night. The preppy oxfords offset the vibe of the tough leather jacket. I roll up my light grey skinny jeans to reveal a hint of skin with this look. 
Leather jacket by Improvd, jeans by J Brand, oxfords by Steve Madden.

4) To put a bohemian twist on the top, throw it on over a plain, fitted maxi dress and knot it at the side.  It gives the shirt the cropped look that looks great with the silhouette of the dress.  Roll the sleeves of the top effortlessly (don't fold them perfectly, thats a little uncool) a slip on a cool bangle or two. I obviously accessorized with my red ray bans to bring out the red undertones in the shirt (you may refer to it as the sparkle in his eye...) because coordinating is cool. 
Maxi dress from F21, red wayfarers by Ray Ban, bangle from F21, jelly sandals by Givenchy. 

Obviously you can swap the Lil' Wayne concert tee for any concert tee to make the same statement. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's definitely doable. 

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