entirely worth it: the burberry trench coat

So you're in the market for something that defies trendiness, but is still on trend. Something that is both functional and fashionable, timeless and chic. Then there is no better investment than the Burberry trench coat!   
quick history lesson: most famous for this coat, Burberry's founder Thomas Burberry was 21 when he first discovered the British fashion house. A long, long time ago, long before Emma Watson modeled for the brand (1880), he incorporated the "gabardine" into his company, which was a waterproof, breathable but hardwearing fabric. About 30 years later, Mr. Burberry was asked to make the officer's coat to fit the "lifestyle" of modern warfare by the War Office, and this was when the trench coat was born.  After the war, the trench became stylish for civilians. The Burberry check print that can be spotted from a mile away was made in the 1920s and used as the lining for the coats. 
Okay, so I won't quiz you on that later, but this means that this coat has been around for enough years for you to know that it will always be in style. It's wonderful for spring and fall, when the weather is damp and cooler. The coat keeps you warm and dry but also looking fantastic. It goes with absolutely everything and can be worn anywhere you'd like, including the movies and a dinner date. The shape of the coat is flattering on anything, even a rock. I haven't tested that out, but I'm sure of it. The detail in the collar, it's belt and shiny buttons gives it that extra something without going over the top.   

Check out this Burberry social network, the art of the trench, that connects their trench coat lovers! It includes wearers of all ages, styles, and shapes! 

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