What Would Alexa Chung Wear...

An English model and former TV host, my style icon would have to be Alexa Chung.  Her London street style is unsurpassed, wearing couture Chanel one day, a blazer with vintage Levi's cutoffs and tights the next, pulling together all looks with her very sought-after messy bombshell haircut.  Her ability to mix schoolboy style with Parisian sophistication always leaves me awestruck.  You have to be more than important in the fashion world in order to have a Mulberry bag named after you.  The Alexa handbag emulates her style exactly: deemed the “it” bag that always remains in fashion, it is both elegant and simple.  No fuss, it comes in either a sharp black leather or an incredible oak brown.  Don’t forget to add designer to her list of accomplishments: her collection for Madewell dominated.  Besides pugs, Alexa dominates my google image searches. 

image 1: Chick With Guns Blog. Photo. 2009 June 20. <>. 
image 2: Style Elite. Photo. 2010 June 08. <>.
image 3: 18 Follow Me. 2010 April 26. Photo: <>.
image 4: Love Mary Janes. 2010 July 01. Photo. <>.
image 5: Vogue UK: "Style Crush." Photo. 04 March 2010. <>.

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