day to night: the leopard shirt

Recently I wrote on three ways to wear the leopard shirt (my favorite from Equipment) but I wanted to show how to wear it dressed up.  I love doing a top knot for a more elegant look because it is so easy, yet looks so chic and put-together.  As far as the main course, the outfit, I take the blouse from shorts to my favorite Pleasure Doing Business black bandage skirt.  I tuck in the blouse for a more sophisticated look and slip on my favorite Yves Saint Laurent gold Arty Dots ring to pair with the blonde and black tones of the blouse, as well a long complimentary gold coin pendant necklace that was my grandmother's and a shorter knotted mixed metal necklace from Free People.  It originally had plastic danglies hanging from every knot, but I cut them off with pliers so the necklace didn't look what it cost.  I swap sandals for a great pair of cutout leather heels from F21 (I know, what appears to be an expensive heel is not always the case!) I make sure the heels I wear when dressing up always have a platform so I'm not wearing a great outfit but ruining it by struggling to walk.  
I always don a smaller, more classic handbag at night, like my Yves Saint Laurent easy Y tote.  I die for this bag - they always say "men are like handbags," some come and go while others forever have your heart, and this is my everything handbag.  I will always love it because it can be worn with everything at any occasion and its perfect size and top handle frame will never go out of style (or my closet). 

As far as makeup from day to night, the look should always be subtle but different than a daytime look in the eye.  I always wear eyeshadow, mascara, and a deep pink lipstain during the day, but at night I go from a navy liner and blue eyeshadow to a deep chocolate liner (Chanel) and brown, camel, and taupe shadows (palette from Giorgio Armani) to create a smokier look.  I always go over the liner with the same color power to make the look more natural and less precise. At night I layer my mascara (Nars) twice over, apply a lovely pink blush (Revlon) and switch the pink lipstain to a classic red (ultimate wine by Revlon, always: it costs the same as a happy meal, only it doesn't make you feel sick, lasts for months and stays on for the entire evening).  As you may tell, I mix highs and lows with my makeup collection as well. I've found some of my $6 products to work better than the $45 ones, and that is truly one of the best results from experimenting with cosmetics. 

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