Pops Of Color: Electric Blue Pants, Day To Night

Blouse: Equipment, Jeans: J Brand, Necklace: Free People, Shoes: Cynthia Vincent.

Electric blue pants, not a typical shade of denim you'd normally gravitate to for the upcoming fall season, but all of these brightly-colored pants rev up your usual dreary ensembles. I love them with this taupe-y, flow-y, always-elegant snake printed Equipment blouse. Stray away from pairing the bright-denim with basic white or black, its predictable and putting too much thought into the outfit consequently makes it a uniform, and then you may as well have bought another pair of standard denim. Clothing, like everything in life, is better when you don't overthink it. Take chances and trust your witch-vibes. The best outfits are the ones you stumble upon. 
The multi-chain mixed-metal necklace, my go-to for neckwear, brings out the tones in the shirt and ties everything together in the easiest way.

Both these looks can be for either dressing up or down, but I especially love this look for night. Leather all the way! I melt over this leather tee by Theory. With two zippers at the neck, its super simple with a twist. It's really the greatest alternative to a basic shirt that I've ever seen. I love the texture against these jeans with oxford wedges to bring it all together. Comfortable and chic, it's such a modern and different alternative to going out in a skirt or dress. 


Pops Of Color: Purple Pants, Day To Night

Blouse: Equipment, Jeans: J Brand

Another monochromatic look! Purple on purple, silk and denim, carelessly tucked in just the front. Equipment makes a signature blouse in any shade you can dream up, so no matter the shade of pant, the pattern in your skirt, the skip in your step, they've got a top that will work with it. If you had one for each day of the week, you seriously wouldn't feel a hint of repetition.

Leather Sweatshirt: Generation Love

Purple is the new black when it comes to pants. They're surprisingly neutral, in a shade J Brand deems "aubergine," so treat them as you would blue jeans. 
Speaking of neutral, I love this heather grey sweatshirt with leather arms and detailing by Generation Love, especially dressed up with sky-high heels. It's shorter in the front and scooped longer in the back, which gives it a classic tunic feel, meaning it can be worn with anything, anywhere, at any time. A sexy spin on what would normally be a throw on piece. Perfect.  


Pops Of Color: Peacock Pants, Day To Night

Why not have a pair of green pants for the fall? It's fresh and unexpected. I feel like people put too much thought and energy around what to pair with these oddly colored jeans, but the less thought you put around it, the better. They look great in a monochromatic look just as well as a mix and match jacket. For daytime I paired them with a same-colored, body-hugging cutout shirt by Bailey 44. The peeps of skin break up the body full of peacock green. It is not, let me repeat: NOT boring to wear color on color. A monochromatic look is timeless, always looks put together, and is universally flattering (unless you match your shoes to the outfit. Please don't do that). 

Camisole: F21, Jeans: J Brand, Wedges: Cynthia Vincent, Necklace: Free People. 

For a nighttime look, I put a camisole underneath this tweedy, frayed Chanel-esque cropped jacket from Theory. It features almost every color in the crayon box, so it's easy to pair with absolutely everything.  


Pops Of Color: Accessories

I'm not a big "bright color" girl - I gravitate toward charcoal, black, heather, army green, navy, etcetera etcetera, especially during the winter months. However, I'm loving pops of color with accessories, especially this fall's favorite shade of plum, which somehow goes with everything. Floppy hats are functional in the summer, but equally fantastic during the fall months in wool and an array of colors. Rag & Bone's Dunaway Hat originally caught my eye, but mine is from H&M. It not only brings out the hint of plum on the band of my sweater coat, but it completely brightens up what can tend to look dreary. 
Plum doesn't stop at fabulous oversized hats, though: this thin envelope-style bag from Kooba can enhance your outfit as well as it can hold your wallet and phone. It's adjustable in the straps and the body, with expanding zippers. 
Plum lipstick spruces up paper coffee cups, too. 


Three Ways To Wear It: The Oversized Cardigan

My favorite part of fall are the oversized, over-comfortable sweaters that are so thick they double as jackets. I fell instantly for this Brochu Walker Draped Nubby Cardigan, not only for its texture but for its layer-ability. I first ignored its attempts to be purchased, but it wouldn't get out of my head in the days following our initial interaction. It's a spin on a classic silhouette with its grey and white knit, dolman sleeves, and dramatic collar. 
Its like absolutely nothing else I own or have seen, which is refreshing when some fall knit collections are causing me to see double (or triple). Because its in between a cardigan and a coat, it can be styled in so many ways: with jeans, leggings, shorts, or a skirt. Here, I have it with my Rag & Bone booties, Pleasure Doing Business body-conscious skirt and a silk button down from Gap underneath.  The tight skirt balances out the oversized sweater effortlessly. 


Newfound Deal: It Sweatpants

I melt for anything Alex Wang creates. Defining casual chic, his French terry sweatpants are fantastic with a tee and sandals or dressed up a bit with booties and a leather jacket. 

Usually I won't try to replace his products, but when I saw this $15 twin, I couldn't possibly justify spending the $180. Proportionally slouchy, they are marbled black and grey with a black banded drawstring waist and ribbed black cuffs at the ankle. 

Sweatpants: F21, Booties: Rag & Bone, Camisole: F21, Leather Jacket: AllSaints, Bag: Alexander Wang, Sunglasses: Tom Ford


Little Grey Riding Hood

Denim: F21, Booties: Rag & Bone, Bracelet: Chan Luu

Look ma, no hands. Or arms.
This Soft Joie thermal sweatshirt poncho is the epitome of a throw on. It is so comfortable that I want to sleep in it, but I won't because I would probably choke on the hood. "Death by poncho" sure sounds like a chic way to go, though. 
It's a great piece because its thin enough to wear from season to season in place of a standard sweatshirt. In the words of Rachel Zoe, you get more mileage out of a piece when its more transitional, and this is always an important factor in wardrobe selections. When the days are cooler, I'll layer underneath it, but on warmer days just a sheer tank will suffice. I can't wait to wear it while traveling, I feel like it would thrive in that environment (yes, I am referring to the poncho as I would a child). Breathable, lightweight, packable, and equipped with a hood to separate yourself from the stranger beside you, or simple to save your head from touching the dreaded airplane headrest, I couldn't think of anything more functional.
Anyway, right now I'm wearing the sweatshirt with my peacock-colored denim for fall. I saw this color originally on a pair of Rag & Bone and J Brand jeans. I didn't necessarily want to invest in crayola-colored denim, however, so I sought to find their match for around a 12th of the price. Voila. 


Season To Season: Long-Sleeved Dress

Are you ready for thermal season? Neither am I, but since the weather cannot make up its mind in which direction it wants to go, I found the in between solution. This James Perse dress is long sleeves, super scoop-necked, and in the thinnest of thermal, so its got you covered right now.
Riding Boots: Steve Madden

When the weather takes the plunge, which could be tomorrow for all you know, you can keep it on but throw a great leather jacket on top with riding boots and even grey tights for a monochromatic look. I actually had to restrain myself from hugging this jacket when I saw it at AllSaints in just my size. In the softest of black leather with a complimentary shearling collar, it's got more than its fair shade of zippers, which is more than OK with me. The oversized collar even has sippers in the middle to give it a motorcycle jacket shape. No complaints.


Day To Night: Somerset Shirt Dress

Wedges: Cynthia Vincent

I purchased this Rag & Bone dress last winter and completely forgot I owned it until now. With button closures from neck to hem, flowing sleeves that can be effortlessly clasped back and a built in black silk belt, it has all the makings of an updated classic.
My favorite part about the dress is that the pattern is casual plaid, but the fabric is silk, and these contradictions mean it can be worn both up and down, in the spring and fall. 
I will always pride Rag & Bone on achieving timeless trendy pieces (see runway: Rag & Bone SS12). Everything Marcus and David concoct is entirely original yet also somehow stays in style for years. Each piece I own from their collection, whether it be from three years ago or three weeks ago, is equally wearable and I thank them for that because there is truly no other way to justify spending $600 on a sweater coat.