Runway: phillip lim resort

3.1 Phillip Lim resort wear has recently been released, and it is truly the epitome of early spring, with a calm color palette of warm blue pastels, breezy khakis, pleasant off-whites, creamy greys, rich navys, camel browns, delicate peaches and beautifully faded army greens. The entire collection is a dream that blends together and almost ignites the exact sensations that spring itself brings.  It is where sophistication and simplicity meet with modernity and style.  The new collection of sunglasses, bathing suits, handbags and jewelry are no different.  The tubular necklaces are reminiscent of an elegant sailor (a hypocritical statement, I know): braided rope with golden beads and Swarovski pearls.  Some of my favorite looks from the collection (if I had to choose) are as follows: look 1 (the color of the trousers paired with the beautiful blouse is so simple yet incredibly eye-catching), look 2 (because I've always been a fan spring sweaters, and this one is just perfect with the rich navy pant), look 3 (the color palette in this look is muted but so fresh), look 4 (again with the sweater, and there is nothing like a tailored pair of khaki shorts at this time of year).


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