We are all already aware Proenza Schouler masters handbags (the PS1 is on everyone's wishlist), wallets, apparel, shoes, and this spring Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez somehow managed to make carabiner's trendy (sporty-luxe to say the least, starting at $150) with their rope bracelets.  I love the bright colors featured in each one.  I decided to try a little DIY project to see if I could recreate the bracelet without feeling guilty for spending a significant amount of money on the rope and tool I was given when rockclimbing during childhood.  The results are below, and its semi-simple, so long as you have one of those bright colored ropes, a bright colored string, and a tiny carabiner in another color.  You have to cut the rope to double of whatever size fits your wrist, then bring the ends together so that there are two loops on either side.  I then sewed the two ends together in the middle with very thick, almost plastic thread.  Then I threaded the lime green string through both ropes only once, and looped it thereafter, securing it at the end with just a dab of hot glue.  I did the same on the left and ride side.  Attach the carabiner and you're ready to throw it on with just about anything.  Perfect with casual summer ensembles.  

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