Leather Skirts, Part Deux: Season to Season

This piece by Parker is everything I've ever wanted in a (leather) skirt. It's a variation on your typical black leather skirt with its uber-pleats, and works with just about anything. I love it thrown on carelessly with this thick sweater and boots or tucked in with a silk blouse and an oversized vest on top. Leather anything is always a good investment, but the skirt especially can be worn from season to season, with knits and tights in the winter, ballet flats and blouses in the spring, sandals and semi-sheer loose tanks in the summer, and blazers in the fall. As you can tell from the previous sentence, the leather skirt can be dressed both up and down, which also makes it the perfect piece for travel. Are you sold?


  1. You are so pretty and stylish! And we live in the same city! Blind date :)

  2. PS sorry that sounded super creepy... didn't intend for it to.


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