And The Award For Most Spectacular Shopping Site Goes To…

So I recently wrote a review to for the sole fact that I have always been hesitant about online shopping and have never, once had an issue with them.  The first time I ever made a purchase, I was admittedly a little apprehensive since the means of trying on a garment online is looking at a picture of a model.  Shopbop is the only site that can depict the fit of a garment realistically.  Not only that, but they recently started featuring reviews, so I can see the fit of the garment and hear about it.  But wait, gets better: shopbop doesn’t charge tax, the price is the price, no anxiety-ridden surprises at checkout.  No, no it doesn’t stop there: shipping is free, and arrives within three days.  So many websites charge $15 for shipping and then you don’t receive your new blouse for ten days.  If you must return something, shopbop pays for it.  There is one problem, however; the site is incredibly addictive.  I can’t function unless I peruse the ‘what’s new’ tab daily.  I wish I were exaggerating.  The site has such a phenomenal selection of brands as well as lookbooks that I spent a half hour trying to think of something to put in the “room for improvement” box on the review and came up with nothing.  Sorry! 

Photo: Shopbop. Photo. 2010. <>.

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