Your Speakers Are Blowing

It's a windy day. My Rag & Bone Kemble Cardigan has proven itself worthy of the chilly temperatures and because of its chunky-ness, I have been wearing it with my belt from Kooples in Paris to balance out the silhouette.  I love that it is long enough to wear with sheer tights or leggings but short enough to wear with jeans.  The collar is an added bonus that doubles as a thick scarf when buttoned all the way up.  
My boots are on a whole other level.  I saw these Eli Fiorentini + Baker at Barney's last year and ended up locating my size at their NY store.  I haven't let them out of my sight ever since.  They make every outfit that much better. Dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, leggings, socks, whatever you can imagine, they work with.  I love how they get better with age.  I have already repaired them once and they are just like new, but even when they are so worn in they look amazing.  They are simple but still have the leather strap, buckle, slit, and side zipper.  These are the only boots for me.  Yes, they are pricey, but if you take into account how many times and ways they can be worn, they are free.

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