Bags, in order of importance: Classic

I cannot fathom having a fashion blog and not talking about the most important accessory in the universe: handbags.  I have always been a sucker for them, especially the ones out of my price range.  However, if I believe in anything it’s that a fantastic handbag can make an entire outfit, no matter if you are running out in sweatpants or a dress.  At least that’s how I justify some of my past purchases or items on my wishlist.  People say that there is always that one bag (like that one guy) that is your favorite among the rest. You will keep going back to grab it, to take care of it.  It is always going to blend with your outfit, its not too trendy, and will always be around.  There may be certain times of the year you don’t wear it, but you would never give it up.  Mine happens to be the Yves Saint Laurent “Easy” top zip tote in pebbled black leather.  I knew immediately when I first laid eyes on it that it would be that handbag for me.  The pebbled leather meant that it would never show scratches or wear, and black is the most classic shade one can choose in a bag.  It is just the right size that can fit everything during the day but also be carried as an evening bag and not look too empty.  The short handles are so elegant, and my favorite part about it? not too flashy.  Those who know handbags are well aware of what you are carrying, but it is not in your face in a such way that says “I want to show everyone what I can afford.”  With gold hardware, there happens to be an added bonus of two snap-taps on the sides that open for a larger, more square looking option - great for travel.  I still haven’t been able to figure out what this bag can’t do well, and I have had it for a year and a half now.   Here is the bag in the newest shade of navy: bergdorfgoodman

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