Free People: My Very Good Friend in Europe

On my recent trips to Spain and Paris, I had managed to pack almost my entire Summer wardrobe into one very large suitcase, albeit I only was able to wear one third of my things.  My favorite dress that I wore in Paris (and which my co-workers have now deemed the "Paris" dress) was my Free People dotted rayon short sleeved dress (freepeople).  Light, flowy, and pretty Parisian, it stuck with me throughout an entire day: breakfast, lunch, walking to the Eiffel Tower, shopping, and dinner.  This, my friends, is quite meaningful, seeing as I am prone to want to change my outfit more than once.  I love wearing it at home now with motorcycle boots, opaque black tights, and a chunky cardigan, but over the summer I wore it often with sandals and a floppy sunhat.

In Spain, I remember saying to my sister, "this sweater is the most weather appropriate thing I've ever packed," in regards to my center pullover sweater (freepeople), now available in a winter version (freepeople).  Not too hot in the day with shorts and absolutely perfect in the evenings with jeans, I think I wore it a little too often (whoops).  It is tastefully oversized and the greatest substitute to a jacket.  The summer version can easily be worn into fall or with a long-sleeved underneath (thermal, anyone?).  

Finally, before my trip I quickly ordered this floral tunic that also came in a dress version.  I fell in love with the cut as well as the pattern, and its breezy fit was a staple at the beach.  FP, what would I have done without you?!  

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