The Late Great

Okay so my obsession with any rag and bone scarf aside, I received the classic Alexander McQueen silk skull scarf for a gift and have barely been able to put it away since.   Translucent, it is casual with a luxurious twist. Mine is black with multi-colored skulls that seem to almost glow against the contrasting background. Yet there are more options of this piece than I can name (alexandermcqueen).  I do love my color scheme, however, because it has proven to blend with anything I am wearing.  I also love sporting it with black because there are so many pops of red, green, yellow, and blue to break it up. Let’s not forget that the red in the scarf is the exact red as my morning after satchel, which is a sort of matching miracle.  Likewise, there are more ways to wear this than I can name. It is quite the individual piece.  This is a large enough scarf that can wrap around your neck, yet still small enough to just hang or even wear as a headband.  My favorite way to wear it is wrapped around once with the extra ends tied:  

If you are going to spend money on any kind of scarf this year, I would have to say it be this.  Like art, it is going to be a collector’s piece, especially having been designed by the late fashion mastermind himself.    

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