Like Spinning Plates

Okay this is my FAVORITE Free People Dress of all time: the Cabbage Rose dress.  It is very short, just treading ice on the length of being too short, so I wouldn't even bother wearing it if you are six feet tall. The straps are a wonderful meshy fabric that dip down into a daring v-neck in both the front and back.  The front has three tiny buttons, the back a long black zipper.  Underneath the dress is black tulle, which keeps it so poofy and perfect.  I could never get rid of this dress.  It looks amazing either casual (above) or dressed up.  I wear it running around with my motorcycle boots and a simple cardigan, or, for example, I wore it last NYE with black tights and a leather jacket.  I also am obsessed with trapper hats, both because they are toasty warm and super cute.  Mine is from Target. Boots, Fiorentini + Baker, Sunglasses, Carrera.

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  1. Just as your Rayon Dot Dress has been coined the "Paris Dress", the original Cabbage Rose will always live on as the "Alex Dress". I've heard it referred to as such more than once, by more than one person. I thought you would appreciate that.


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