Tending to Thermal

Warm and cozy, thermal is one of the greatest inventions for fabric in wintertime.  In the warmest shade of nutmeg, this Vince sweater is fantastically neutral. Wonderful with brown as well as black, the fit is boxy and oversized, but cropped with a rounded hem and still feminine.  The neckline is a flattering crew that is not too high or low. It looks great with jeans and a belt, or with a fitted skirt as Vince shows it on their website.  My clogs (which is a trend I swore I'd never give in to) are from a little boutique in Paris.  What I liked about them is that they had the subtle studs that weren't flashy or obnoxious like some of the clogs out there.  The heel is just the right height and not too chunky, perfect for casual wear.  I love the sharp black leather against the wood - they go with everything, and look great with a good pair of scrunched black socks.

Belt: Hermes, Shorts: Levi's

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