When I Shop So Much I Can Speak Italian

They say you either love him or hate him, and I love Kanye West. I love him not only for his prowess as an artist or performer, not only for his inability to filter exactly what is on his mind, but for his refreshing and fantastic eye for fashion.  What I adore about him is, unlike a lot of members in the hip-hop community that will remain nameless, he doesn't simply flash his knowledge and labels or drop obvious brand names on his tracks.  Kanye West has truly gained his fashion credibility and continues to wow me with each step he takes.  For example, in his upcoming tour he is rumored to have requested a Balmain wardrobe.  He certainly has come a long way since 2002: last year he traveled New York, London, and Paris, became friendly with none other than the Satorialist, soaking in and interpreting both big and small shoes (Louis Vuitton and Christopher Kane to name a few) with buyers and editors by his side.  If any of you watched the Runaway video that came with My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, his suit was custom-made by none other than Phillip Lim.  The first screening of said film was during New York Fashion Week.  I have gained so much respect for him and believe that he is a true fashion icon.  Even his tweets intrigue me, with his occasional subtle facts on Alexander McQueen or Margiela.  The kind of guy who brings home the newest pair of Louboutin's "just because..."  

Kanye + Karl Lagerfeld at Dior Homme

Kanye and Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Louis Vuitton for a new sneaker design.

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