Day To Night: Somerset Shirt Dress

Wedges: Cynthia Vincent

I purchased this Rag & Bone dress last winter and completely forgot I owned it until now. With button closures from neck to hem, flowing sleeves that can be effortlessly clasped back and a built in black silk belt, it has all the makings of an updated classic.
My favorite part about the dress is that the pattern is casual plaid, but the fabric is silk, and these contradictions mean it can be worn both up and down, in the spring and fall. 
I will always pride Rag & Bone on achieving timeless trendy pieces (see runway: Rag & Bone SS12). Everything Marcus and David concoct is entirely original yet also somehow stays in style for years. Each piece I own from their collection, whether it be from three years ago or three weeks ago, is equally wearable and I thank them for that because there is truly no other way to justify spending $600 on a sweater coat. 

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