Pops Of Color: Accessories

I'm not a big "bright color" girl - I gravitate toward charcoal, black, heather, army green, navy, etcetera etcetera, especially during the winter months. However, I'm loving pops of color with accessories, especially this fall's favorite shade of plum, which somehow goes with everything. Floppy hats are functional in the summer, but equally fantastic during the fall months in wool and an array of colors. Rag & Bone's Dunaway Hat originally caught my eye, but mine is from H&M. It not only brings out the hint of plum on the band of my sweater coat, but it completely brightens up what can tend to look dreary. 
Plum doesn't stop at fabulous oversized hats, though: this thin envelope-style bag from Kooba can enhance your outfit as well as it can hold your wallet and phone. It's adjustable in the straps and the body, with expanding zippers. 
Plum lipstick spruces up paper coffee cups, too. 

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