Pops Of Color: Electric Blue Pants, Day To Night

Blouse: Equipment, Jeans: J Brand, Necklace: Free People, Shoes: Cynthia Vincent.

Electric blue pants, not a typical shade of denim you'd normally gravitate to for the upcoming fall season, but all of these brightly-colored pants rev up your usual dreary ensembles. I love them with this taupe-y, flow-y, always-elegant snake printed Equipment blouse. Stray away from pairing the bright-denim with basic white or black, its predictable and putting too much thought into the outfit consequently makes it a uniform, and then you may as well have bought another pair of standard denim. Clothing, like everything in life, is better when you don't overthink it. Take chances and trust your witch-vibes. The best outfits are the ones you stumble upon. 
The multi-chain mixed-metal necklace, my go-to for neckwear, brings out the tones in the shirt and ties everything together in the easiest way.

Both these looks can be for either dressing up or down, but I especially love this look for night. Leather all the way! I melt over this leather tee by Theory. With two zippers at the neck, its super simple with a twist. It's really the greatest alternative to a basic shirt that I've ever seen. I love the texture against these jeans with oxford wedges to bring it all together. Comfortable and chic, it's such a modern and different alternative to going out in a skirt or dress. 

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